Sunday, March 31, 2013

TM Report: Tyler Mill

Date: March 31, 2013
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Tyler Mill
Town: Wallingford
Trail Conditions: Good
Observations/Information: Brother and I hiked into Tyler Mill Easter morning. My main reason for going was to re-familiarize myself with the trails, but we brought saw and loppers and did corridor clearing along the way.

We parked in the lot at the end of Maltby Rd and went in the unmarked singletrack just off the dirt road there. This is a short twisty section with good flow that is sustainably built except for one short fall-line section. The trail was clear for the most part but we removed sticks and prickers where necessary. I found that by grabbing the prickers by the stem (with gloves, obviously) you can pull them out roots and all- probably the best way to obliterate them.

We then hiked the purple trail and continued the clearing where necesary. This trail also has good flow and even some well-built stunts (log-over and skilly) and two optional hucks near the end. We cleared a dead cedar that was blocking the trail just above the hucks. This trail was also dry except for one short section.

The trails at Tyler Mill have gotten some favorable attention lately. Blazes have ben painted and new well-built bridges have been put over the (many) wet areas. A few sections of trail look like they're just too hard to keep clear and have been abandoned.

The trails we hiked were well-ridden. I came away with a new respect for a place I had written off as having nothing but muddy, old-school crud. I'll be going back with the bike, soon.
Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes

Trail Ambassador E-mail: glennvernesatgeemaildotcom
How did you use the trail? Hiking/Walking
Trails Ridden: Purple, unmarked
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 2.0
Approximate Distance (Miles): 3 miles
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