Friday, February 1, 2013

TM REPORT: Cockaponset SF - Weber Woods section


Date: February 1 & 2
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Cockaponset SF - Weber Woods section
Town: Clinton/Westbrook
Trail Conditions: Dry and crunchy
Observations/Information: Friday afternoon I hiked out on the unmarked leading to the access road and cut two foot passages in a couple of downed trees across that trail. I know a lot of riders like to hop them but they fell on fast stretches of single track and I prefer to keep pace and ride through (I have the chainsaw!). I did offset the cuts so riders now have options.
Saturday I drove up the west access road and planned on taking care of the two downed trees in the paintball playground but there were paintballers in full battle so I scrapped that one. I parked and hiked out on the green and cut through routes in two more downed trees on it; again offsetting them leaving options.

Jumped in the car and drove to the lot at Messerschmidt's pond and parked; hiked up the red to tackle that huge red oak at the intersection of the red and orange; this thing was really big, laying funky, and sitting high; it took a while to release the tension points and get the forces going to where I wanted, but in the end I won with the help of a fashioned lever and roller- bringing an assistant would have been smarter; there are still a few more that need to be cleared deeper in the parcel, but next on the list is the paintball playground.

Trail Ambassador Name: Don Hazuka

Trail Ambassador E-mail: Gr8outdorz(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
How did you use the trail? Other Trail use
Trails Ridden: Worked on green and red
Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 3 1/2 total
Approximate Distance (Miles): 1 1/2 total
Images/Photos: Pre passage.jpg
2nd image: Small passage.jpg
3rd Image: Big oak up.jpg
4th Image: Big oak down.jpg

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