Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hartman Park

Date: 12/13/2012
Report Type: TA Report:
Trail Name: Hartman Park
Town: Lyme/Salem
Trail Conditions: Good. Leafy
Observations/Information: My brother and I rode Hartman Park late Thursday morning. The trails were dry in almost all places but covered with a deep layer of leaves that hid the copious rocks and roots this place is known for. Trails were clear of logs and brush and well marked, and the map box was full. The benches at the school room (sign board) were conveniently arranged like one long, curving plank skinny for mountain bikers' enjoyment.

NEMBA has done a lot of good work here over the past few years, mainly in the person of Thom Lamourine, including blazing and bridge building. Thanks to Thom there are many well built and bike freindly (ramped on each side) bridges throughout the park. Hopefully we'll be able to do more good work in the form of trail realignments and treadway improvements in the future.

I hadn't ridden here in over 10 years and was able to ride right through sections on my rigid 29er single speed that used to give me fits on my 26er geared FS bike. The big wheels definitely make the rock gardens easier and who knows, maybe I've improved as a rider a little bit too. The single speed part was something different, as there are a lot of short, steep, rocky hills with loose soil that favor a geared bike for climbing.

For most riders, the key to having a good ride at Hartman is knowing which trail to ride in which direction. Knowing the lines is important too. For example, we started by riding the red trail clockwise, and quickly decided it might be more fun in the other direction, since we were going (read walking) up most of the steep slopes. We noticed the fall line Thom blocked off on his recent TM and we approve. I'm not sure it was a thrill line but a cheat line made by riders who couldn't handle the rock garden on the actual trail (we both cleaned it, so it can be done).

We then rode the blue trail up to the top of the ridge (fun most of the way but steep and loose at the top), and the orange trail counter-clockwise down the "little scramble" and back to the parking lot (fun).

Hartman Park is the type of place where a good XC rider who knows the lines can clean almost everything and have fun doing it. I'll be trying to piece together a loop that avoinds the really sketchy and unrideable stuff and I'll post my progress as I do.

Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes

Trail Ambassador E-mail: glennvernesatgeemaildotcom
How did you use the trail? MT Biking
Trails Ridden: Orange, red, yellow, blue, green
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 2
Approximate Distance (Miles): 9 miles
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