Sunday, April 22, 2012

TM Report: Collis P Huntington SP

Date: 4/21/2012
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Collis P Huntington SP
Town: Redding
Trail Conditions: New
Observations/Information: Paula, Chris, and myself drove the tools to the work area off of South Pond Rd (with the Land Manager's permission of course) while the main body of people walked in from the Statues Lot.

Work began on the South Pond Trail (aka South Park) on Saturday after our Trail School at Putnam Park in the morning.

We broke off into three groups, I led one group to clear the trail from our starting point back towards the exit of the Glacial Erratic Trail, Paula led a group to do benching and Dave Francefort did rock work.

I stopped 30 feet from edge of South Pond Road because the section we cleared still needs quite a bit of rock work in order to be rideable. Please do not ride the trail until it's officially opened.

Speaking of opening this trail, the original thought of trying to open the whole trail for the Happening at Huntington (June 3rd) is not going to happen. So we are shooting for just this section to be open by that time.

With approximately 30 people for 3 hours we got a lot done but there is still a lot more to do to open this trail.  The next work day will be this Tuesday, April 24th at 5:30 PM.

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Trail Ambassador Name: Mark Lurie, Paula Burton, Dave Francefort, Rich Coffee, Keith Coughlin, Chris Keczkemethy

Trail Ambassador E-mail: ctnemba a la gmail dot com
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Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 3
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