Monday, April 4, 2011

TA Report: Sunrise Resort State Park



Date: March 28, 2011
Report Type: TA Report
Trail Name: Sunrise Resort State Park
Town: Moodus
Trail Conditions: Crumbling asphalt
Observations/Information: Paula and I rode here last Saturday. This is a mountain bike experience unlike any other. Sunrise is an old summer resort taken over by the state and made a state park. Seen Dirty Dancing? Well it could have been filmed here. It's a relic of a simpler time that, amazingly, managed to stay in business through 2008, long after most of its competitors threw in the towel, until finally succumbing to cheap airfare and changing vacation preferences. 

It has an eerie, post apocalypse feel, the only signs of life are some still-beeping smoke detectors. The place is rumored to be haunted, and would be a great place for one of those ghost hunter TV shows. Go there on a cold windy day and you're in for a spooky experience. The state has some vague ideas about what to do with it, including a water park and eco resort, but given the current budget situation it's likely to molder for a few more years.

The park is open to the public, sunrise to sunset (except for fishing) and, although there are no trails, it's fun to explore by bike. It's adjacent to Machimoodus State Park which has some trails, or you can come after riding Hurd State Park a few miles north. Bring your camera and take pictures but no souvenirs- that would be stealing and there's nothing worth taking anyway. And if you're too scared to sleep that night, don't blame me.

Trail Ambassador Name: Paula Burton, Glenn Vernes

Trail Ambassador E-mail:
How did you use the trail? Mt Biking
Trails Ridden: Various
Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 1.0
Approximate Distance (Miles): 3

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Mark said...

Reminds me of a church camp I used to go to when I was in HS where they wanted to brain wash me to be a good little church goer.