Saturday, March 19, 2011

TA Report:Waldo SP

Date: 3/19/11
Location: G. Waldo SP, Southbury
Condition of Trail(s): Wet, not good
Observations: This trail is normally dry, but a 3 foot snowpack, then 5 inches of rain in one week , has made for a wet trail! Please use your best judgement when deciding when and where to ride. The ground is still thawing underneath, and what may seem like an ok trail, probably isn't. Give the trails a few more weeks. I picked up quite a bit of sticks, and old flagging tapes. I have some work to do, since there are springs where there never has been anything but dry ground. I thought there would be more blowdowns, but there weren't any requiring the chainsaw. There are still patches of snow here and there.
Trail Ambassador Name:Paula Burton

Trail Ambassador Email: peburtonataoldotcom
Town: Southbury
Trail(s) Ridden: Hiked Where's Waldo
How did you use the trail: TM
What was the time of day: afternoon
Duration (Hours): 2 hours
Distance (Miles): 4 miles

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