Sunday, March 27, 2011

TA Report: Huntington

Date: 3/27/11
Location: Huntington
Condition of Trail(s): Single track is good except for a few problem areas that are that way all year round.
Observations: Very few ruts, a few wet or soft areas, and the carriage roads are still muddy in places. Vernal pools abound, and the frogs are singing. Parking lots were filled.
Trail Ambassador Name:Paula Burton

Trail Ambassador Email: peburtonataoldotcom
Town: Redding
Trail(s) Ridden: South pond loop, Burned loops, Twister Trail, Rock and Roll, some carriage road
How did you use the trail: TM
What was the time of day: afternoon
Duration (Hours): 2 hours
Distance (Miles): 8 miles

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