Saturday, January 1, 2011

TA Report River Highlands State Park

Date: January 1, 2010
Location: River Highlands State Park
Condition of Trails: Bad!

Observations: A quick hike revealed conditions that couldn't get much worse; wet snow, muddy ground, slushy footprints. This park has held on to more snow than other places, since it slopes to the east. A uniform 2" covers the whole place. Colder temps later in the week should bring an improvement, although ice will be a problem. Now would be the time to do things off the bike- rebuild the shock, balance your checkbook, start a beard- anything but ride.

Picked up some litter near the parking lot.
Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes 
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Cromwell
Trails Ridden: Green, yellow
How Did You Use The Trail? Hike
Time of Day: Late morning
Duration: 1.0 hrs
Distance: About 1.5 miles.

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