Sunday, December 19, 2010

TM Report:Trumbull-Pequonnock

Date of Activity: Saturday,December 18th, 2010
Condition of Trails: Frozen and crunchy, Lots of Ice
Today we worked in three different spots, all in the southern part of the park. We met at the Daneils Farm parking lot. A reporter from the local online newspaper joined us. The Trumbull Patch [ ] had heard about our activities through the Town and wanted to do a story...

Knickwork - First Rocky Ascent on the White Trail
Although the soil was frozen, we were able to dig out a couple of strategically-placed knicks using pick axes, rogue hoes and shovels. These should help divert some of the run off at a higher level and keep the bottom of the hill from getting muddy.

Fallen Trees on the Blue 
Nick and Steve had split off first thing and went down by the river and cleared some massive trees that had fallen on the Blue Trail from last week's storms.

Ice, Ice, Everywhere

We then moved on down to the abandoned lake basin. On the way there, Larry headed off to join Steve and Nick. Apparently a lot a rain fell last week - the lake basin had now turned into a small frozen lake! The trail was a complete iced-over mess. The ground was frozen solid and the ice was a few inches thick making it impossible to do anything in this area.
PIC > icepond1.jpg
New Alternative Side Trail

We gingerly moved on just a few hundred feet further north. A long stretch of the main trail along here is always a deep puddle. To steer traffic to drier higher ground, we extended--for another 90 feet or so northward--the raised alternate route off on the side, connecting it with another offshoot trail on the north side of the huge ice patches.

12-18-10 Trail Crew
Robert, Steve, Tom and Robbie (not pictured Nick and Larry)

Post TM Ride

After we finished our trailwork, Steve and I took a "crunchy" ride through the park. Frost heaves everywhere made it a strange and unusually noisy ride. Once we got to the North End, Steve showed me the work the Town Crew had done at the eroded spot where the North Bridge entrance connects with the Rail Trail. It is shored up quite nicely as the photos indicate.

We also noticed during our ride, the Town Crew has been in the park and cleaned up a few spots here and there, removing fallen trees and some of the log up and overs that have sprung up this year. We recently were notified by the Town that, during the week, they will be working in the park thru the winter months. Expect more changes from the Town Crew in the months ahead...
Trail Ambassadors: Rich C, Nick Hage, Tom Ebersold

Location: Pequonnock Valley State Forest

Trail Ambassador Email: mtnbikerdad[at]yahoo[dot]com
Town: Trumbull
How did you use the trail?:Trail Maintenance, Mountain BIking, Photography
What was the time of day? 9 AM - 2:15 PM
Duration (Hours): 3 Hours, 2 1/4 hours

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