Saturday, November 6, 2010


Date of Activity:  November 6, 2010
Location:  Pequonnock River Valley State Park (aka Trumbull)
Condition of Trail(s):  Wet, leafy, slippery, standing water on trails, and some mud.

Beautiful fall weather today and the trails at Pequonnock River Valley were good.  There was some wet spots but the wet leaves made it especially troublesome.  I rode over to where this new trail starts off the Yellow trail to check it out and I found this spray painted butterfly on this rock.  That is not cool.

Every other tree along this illegal trail has a big orange arrow on it.  This really disgusts me, first someone does a rake and scrape trail, trying to develop a new trail but doesn't bother to do it right.  I rode the bottom section but quickly bailed because it was a piece a crap.  If done correctly it would be really nice but raking the line and calling that a trail is just irresponsible.

All these arrows spray painted on the trees is a travesty in it's own right.  What is a shame is that people think they are entitled to do what ever they want when in reality they are simply breaking the law.  Trumbull doesn't need new trails, what it does need is a lot of work to bring the trails up to sustainable standards and it's too bad that a group of juvenile delinquents (although they could also be adults, they are still acting like children) would do such a cowardly and heinous act.

Here is section that needs fixing.  This is on the Blue Trail near the river.  You normally hit this low spot, then power up the hill until you eventually come to the Bridge over the rusty river.

Trail Ambassador Email:  ctnemba(at)gmail(dot)com

Town:  Trumbull
Trail(s) Ridden:  White to Red to Yellow to Red to White to Blue to Yellow to White
What was the time of day:  Midday
Duration (Hours):  2
Distance (Miles):  7 1/4

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