Saturday, November 13, 2010

TA Report: Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods

Date of Activity:  November 12, 2010
Location:  Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods
Condition of Trail(s):  Pretty dry, typical fall

Observations:  Took the lower green west to my newly discovered unmarked up to the upper green; with the leaves down, the buffalo rock at the intersection of green and yellow is easy to see; up to the Quinimay and back to the green then the yellow; rolled around to an unmarked down to the white and continued on the blue to the east parking lot; just before the lot, I came across a couple of hunters with cracked shotguns on their shoulders (no birds) and chocolate labs following obediently beside; took the orange to the red and followed it down to the pond and caught the unmarked south down to the green where I found an “Easy Boot” for a horse and tossed it in my pack; east on the green back home where I sent an email to my horse friend about the boot; I guess it was one of a few lost during their trail event on Halloween, and she said they lose them fairly often and that they are expensive; a very nice day.
Trail Ambassador Name:  Don Hazuka

Trail Ambassador Email:  donald(dot)hazuka(at)covidien(dot)com
Town:  Clinton/Killingworth/Westbrook/Deep River
Trail(s) Ridden:  Green/unmarked/yellow/white/blue
How did you use the trail:  Mountain biking
What was the time of day:  Late afternoon
Duration (Hours):  1 1/4
Distance (Miles):  7+


Mark said...

Don, that is a nice Glacial Erractic, or what I also refer to as a BFR. Nice report. I didn't know you could hunt with guns at this time, though it started next week.

Thom said...

Shotgun starts the first of Nov,.... wear your bright colors folks!!