Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting of the Spirits > Pequonnock River Valley Trails (Sat Nov. 20th)

Trumbull Trouble?

The Park, as you know, is one of the premiere spots in Connecticut for mountain biking. It receives a large amount of visitors (especially on the weekends). Blessed with an amazing terrain of giant granite outcroppings and awesome scenery, Trumbull has fueled a passionate community of riders.

After a long period of neglect; recently-built highly-visible bootleg trails, graffiti, open firepits and more and more visible wooden stunts (ramps, etc.) have alarmed the Town. (The Park is jointly administered with the State). There's even talk of limiting biking!

Starting at 9 AM, there will be a special "Pow Wow" in Daniels Farm Parking Lot to speak with any and all park users (bikers, hikers, etc.) about responsible park use. A Park Ranger from the Town of Trumbull will be stopping by at 10 AM and a lively discussion is anticipated. Folks of ALL persuasions are encouraged to come.

Depending of numbers and interest, there may be a "walk thru" of the park as a "collective" to gather input from various park users.

Bring your passion for the park and help forge a healthy collective with everyone else who loves this place. There'll be donuts and coffee to kick it off...

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