Saturday, October 2, 2010

TA Report: West Rock State Park

Date of Activity: 10/2/10
Trail Ambassador Name: Ed Perten
Condition of Trail(s): Much evidence of soil erosion from recent rain storms, otherwise, trails were dry. Three major blow downs. 1) White trail on the western side of Lake Wintergreen blocking the dirt road/hiking trail, 2) Tree down blocking the access road to the radio towers from Baldwin Drive, 3) On the white dot on violet trail, just off of the white trail, not far from Lake Wintergreen.
Observations: All newly constructed bridges had no water under them, three puddles/muddy areas on white trail where no bridges have been constructed.
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: New Haven/Hamden
Location: West Rock State Park
Trail(s) Ridden: White, yellow, violet, white dot on violet
How did you use the trail?: Mountain bike riding
What was the time of day?: Late afternoon, early evening
Duration (Hours): 2
Distance (Miles): A bunch

1 comment:

Hiker Tom said...

I removed the blowdown on the White Trail on Oct. 17. I had mentioned the tree on the Purple-White Dot Trail to the state, but since they hadn't gotten it out there, I removed it on Dec. 18. I figure the companies that use the radio tower would address the tree on the access road. There is plenty of water flowing under all the bridges. The puddles on other sections of the White Trail will be addressed through a future trail relocation. I believe it's important to remedy trail issues, not just report them.