Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TA Report River Highlands State Park

Date: October 20, 2010
Location: River Highlands State Park
Condition of Trails: Good

Observations:  I rode River Highlands Wednesday afternoon. Autumn has come to the Blow Hole. The air was cool and dry, requiring an undershirt and arm warmers, and the trails are covered with leaves and acorns, although there are still plenty of leaves waiting to come down. A very large tree has fallen across one of the double tracks. Trails were otherwise fine.

While riding, I came up behind a young woman walking her dog, and startled her (not intentionally) as I approached. This seems to happen every time I ride up behind someone, and it got me thinking about the best way to alert them. I've tried shouting "hello", but I just score them that way. I'm thinking any unexpected noise would scare them. What do other people do? What's the best way to alert people?

On the way out I filled a bag with litter from the parking lot.

Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Cromwell
Trails Ridden: Green, red, yellow, black, unmarked.
How Did You Use The Trail?: Mountain bike
Time of Day: Afternoon
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Distance: About 8 miles.

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