Monday, September 6, 2010


Date of Activity: 9-6-2010
Condition of Trail: Schweet!

Encounters and Observations:  I don't know what's going on at Pequonnock River Valley but it's getting absurd.  The Trumbull Trails Coalition goes in and does a major reroute to prevent further erosion on the red trail and then someone or group goes in and dismantles the trail blocking.  Following that, it seems like the trail gnomes put up some more features here and there, one of which was a skinny over the Rusty River.  Today, we find that has been knocked down.  Frankly, it wasn't the most well conceived feature in the first place.  But why all the hate?  If you don't like something being done - make your self heard.

Seeing that there is an abundance of flat rocks in the area, Rich Coffey and I armored this stream crossing at the Rusty River where the Red and Yellow trails merge.  After the first iteration, we widened it a little more and then tried it.  It's really smooth.  Of course, come winter and spring there will be a lot more water flowing over these rocks.  Still, it's better than ripping up the stream bed.

Trail Ambassador(s): Mark Lurie & Rich Coffey
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Trumbull
Location: Pequonnock River Valley (aka Trumbull)
Trail(s) Ridden: many
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 8 AM
Duration (Hours):2 hours
Distance (Miles): 5

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