Saturday, September 18, 2010


Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Condition of Trails: Good, Leafy
Trail Ambassador Name: Rich C, Dave F
After meeting in the Daniels Farm Parking Lot, we carpooled off to a location near the fireroad that was much closer. This saved us a huge amount of time and easy to lug our tools in to the spot with a wheelbarrow that Nick had wisely brought.
Mark Lurie and I had visited the spot ages ago with the Land Manager to get his approval. I had already prepped the general line for the trail a couple of weeks back: it was pre-raked and so we all jumped to work: raking, digging and benching.
We had a unexpected quick "Intermezzo" from our focused work when I lifted a rock and got attacked by a swarm of bees. Everyone wisely scattered as I danced around, swearing like a loon. They were an angry bunch >> they were in my hair, on my arms, hands and even inside my shirt. I got stung numerous times and Val got one taste of their vengeance as well.

After that unexpected jolt, we resumed work, carefully observing and avoiding the swarm still hovering low to the ground off to the side of the trail...
Nick and Dave spearheaded the end of the route, shifting it a little further up the hill for better flow. Much of the trail at this end was armored with a tight fit of rocks. Luckily we were blessed with an abundance of large flat rocks right nearby and Dave, as always a master at this type of work, focused intently on fitting them logically together.
There's still a bit of final finessing that needs to be done so we have yet to connect this trail with the current trail right above a washed out fallen line we hope riders will soon avoid. It should be a great ride as we have scoped it out so the flow will funnel a rider nicely into it from the current trail.

Trail Ambassador Email: mtnbikerdad[at]yahoo[dot]com
Town: Trumbull
Location: Pequonnock Valley State Forest
How did you use the trail?: TM
What was the time of day? 9 AM -12 noon
Duration (Hours): 3 Hours

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