Monday, September 6, 2010

TA Report: Mansfield Hollow State Park

View through the trees down to the reservoir from the Eastern Ridge Trail 

Date of Activity: 9/6/10
Trail Ambassador Name: Lon Hultgren
Condition of Trails(s): Excellent -- dry and lovely. I even made it up a few spots I usually have to walk.
Observations: Encountered a few folks walking on the more popular yellow trail -- as usual, no one on the blue, red or J trails; however, the blue trail was all flagged up for what appeared to be some type of a trail (foot) race. Despite the flagging I still missed the last turn off the blue trail up to the parking area and ended up having to walk up a 60 foot embankment where the trail used to go up to Rte 89.
Trail Maintenance hours: One goodsized (new) blowdown on the yellow trail -- will need help to move it or build bigger ramps.
Work accomplished: Stopped for all walkers and dogs and gave them a pleasant hello.
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Mansfield
Location: Mansfield Hollow State Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Yellow, Red and Blue, clockwise around the lake -- starting and ending at Southeast School on Rte 89.
How did you use the trail: MT Biking
What was the time of day: 5 PM
Duration (Hours): 1 Hour
Distance (Miles): 6.0

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