Saturday, September 11, 2010

TA Report: Bluff Point/Haley Farm

Couple Long Islanders and Steve

Date: 9/11/10
TA Name: Thom Lamourine
Location: Bluff Point and Haley Farm State Parks
Observations: Couple friends came over for Long Island to visit and ride Bluff, did mostly simple stuff because one of them was kinda a newbee and he really didn't want to get into it much, just cruise around. Newbee actually did really well when we headed off to some of the single track and only walked or caught pedal a few times.  Parked at Haley Farm, Started the ride at the fields along the river side, crossed over to bluff through the tunnel (low ceilings folks!!) once on bluff side.. headed down the fire road to the parking lot there and we hung out at the picnic tables. Other bikers, hikers and fishermen everywhere!! Trails were absolutely beautiful.

We did head up a single track to the main trail on the ridge then down to the Bluff. Steve and Corey broke off and hit the rock gardens while the newbee and myself hauled down the fire roads with a few short single track stretches down in the Munford cove section, then crossed back over and had hot dogs and hamburgers in the lot back on Haley Farm side.. all in all a good casual ride!!
Time of day: 10AM-?
Duration(hours) 3 ish
Miles: maybe 10-12 ish?
TA E-mail: Thom(at)

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