Monday, August 30, 2010

TA report: Upper Gussy, Polly Brady

( Picture - Ed at the south end of the Upper Gussy)

Date of Activity: August 29, 2010
Trail Ambassador Names: Paula Burton, Ed Perton
Location: Pauguessett SF
Condition of Trail(s): Great, lots of fun! Did the section from the parking lot to Sanford Road 3 times. Trail in great shape. I braved the poison ivy to clean up garbage at the parking lot.

Trail Ambassador Email: peburtonataoldotcom
Town: Newtown
Trail(s) Ridden: Upper Gussy, Polly Brody
How did you use the trail? Mountain bike
What was the time of day? morning
Duration  2 hours
Distance (Miles): 7


Mark said...

That's called the rusty jug turn.

Should have told me you were riding, I would have ridden with you guys!

Go Ed!

Rick said...

Me too!