Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TA Report: Paugussett State Forest

TA Report: Upper Gussy
Date of Activity: 8/10/2010
Trail Ambassador: Rick Brodsky
Trail Conditions: Excellent.
Observations: Hot day so it was nice to be in the forest. The trails
were a little damp from the early morning rain, but not muddy at all.
Took the Polly Brody fire road up to the Upper Gussy trailhead. I made
sure to notice the new open-and-over at the log cut at the beginning
of Gussy. Its very smooth, although tall. I only rode it from the
reverse direction because I didn't have enough momentum on the intial
approach while ascending. All the other features look great on the
trail. The short log ride was a little slippery and my back wheel slid
off just before the end but I pedaled thru without falling. Some
equestrian definitely needs to clean up their mess on the wet spot.
Ridculous that they would think its alright to just leave it there.
Saw what appeared to
be part of a rump and tail of an oppossum on the
rock walled lined area that I think used to be part of the Newtown
Trail. May be coyotes at work there. Wish I had my camera. Didn't see
any other riders. Cleared some minor debris. There was a nice BMW
truck in the lot, but no rack so they were probably down at the water
Trail Ambassador Email: rdbrodsky(at)gmailDOTcom
Town: Newtown
Location: Paugussett State Forest
Trail(s) Ridden: Polly Brody, Upper Gussy
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 4:20
Duration (Hours):1 hour
Distance (Miles): 5ish

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