Saturday, August 7, 2010

TA Report: Paugassett State Forest

TA Report: Upper Gussy
Date of Activity: 8/6/2010
Trail Ambassador: Rick Brodsky
Trail Conditions: Excellent.
Observations: 73 degrees at about 7:00. Low humidity and clear skies. The trails were dry but not too dry so the tires were gripping nicely. Took the Polly Brody fire road up to the Upper Gussy trailhead. All the fun features are in good shape. Didn't see any other riders. Saw one runner on the Polly Brody road.

Trail Ambassador Email: rdbrodsky(at)gmailDOTcom
Town: Newtown
Location: Paugussett State Forest
Trail(s) Ridden: Polly Brody, Upper Gussy
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 7:00AM
Duration (Hours):1.5
Distance (Miles): 5ish

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