Thursday, July 1, 2010

TM/ TA report: Waldo State Forest

Date of Activity: June 30, 2010
Trail Ambassador Names: Paula Burton, Javier Hernandez, Ed Perton
Location: Waldo SF

Condition of Trail(s)/ observations: Since I had some time today before the TM event, I got the chainsaw out, and sharpened the chain. I also cleaned the air filter. That's all the chainsaw maintenance I know. Then I decided that I wanted to use the BOB trailer. The chapter purchased it last year, and it is high time I put it to use. I took out an old hard tail bike which had a flat and needed oiling. And it is in desperate need of need brake shoes ( I saved that for another day!). I attached the BOB trailer, which is really quite easy, but it does require a special skewer - I found that after rummaging around in the basement, and I needed to read the directions for the pin assembly. Not as bad it seems, but it wasn't intuitive. Once all that was ready to go, I figured I needed to scope out what I could carry with the trailer. I did manage to get the chainsaw and all gear needed for the saw, and a lopper on one load.At the park, I made two loads, one for the chainsaw and one for the leaf blower. Since we were working in the evening and wouldn't have a bunch of time, this let us ride to the worksite. We were working a mile into the park. Riding a bike with a trailer is an experience. But I survived and got the hang of it. Going up a hill is the worst. Tight turns are a close second, but it beats carrying everything by hand. Ed and Javier are good workers and we knocked out about 1/4 of trail, all done, and another 1/3 mile with a rough cut. Somehow between Ed, Javier, and BOB trailer, we managed to get everything back to the cars in one trip. Ed and Javier even had some time for a real ride, but I was tired after all the BOB trailering and running the chain saw. A second shift of guys showed up, Dan and his friends, and they did some benching, clearing, and rock work. Waldo is seeing more mountain biking use these days. While I was in the parking lot, two guys showed up who I had never seen before. They had never been their either and heard about it from someone else. Dan and his buds have been riding the trail too, and figured they wanted to help out. The only bummer was that I forgot to get a picture of the BOB trailer in use, but it was a great days work !

Trail Ambassador Email: peburtonataoldotcom
Town: Southbury
Trail(s) Ridden: Where's Waldo
How did you use the trail? Trail building /ride
What was the time of day? late Afternoon/early evening
Duration (Hours): 4 hours
Distance (Miles): ?

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