Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TA Report: West Hartford reservoir.

Date of activity:  July 3rd, 4 hours, July 5Th, 2 hours, July 9Th, 2 hours, & July 13 , 2 hours.
Condition of trails:  Mostly dry with copious amounts of Blue and Green!
Observations:  Most people I encountered were concern of the MDC's fate which naturally lead into " What is NEMBA "! Assistance to a lone bike/hiker with tire/wheel spoke issues.

Trail Ambassador name:  Mike Lefevre
Trail Ambassador email:  lfvmi@sbcglobal.net
Town:  West Hartford
Location:  MDC reservoir
Trails ridden:  Many trails, from Reservoir rd. to the Power lines.
How did you use the Trails:  Good ole MTB'ing!
What was the time of day:  Mostly mornings, but some Afternoon/Evening rides also.
Duration:  Please see above hours totaling 10.
Distance:  Approx. between 10-15 miles.
TM. Hours:  1.0 picking trash from trails.

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