Friday, July 9, 2010

TA Report: Nassahegon - June 2010

Date of Activity: Month of June 2010
Condition of Trail(s): Excellent
Trail Ambassador: Jon Regan

Encounters and Observations: The month of June has come and gone up in the woods of Burlington, CT none the less it was a great month of riding for sure! The weather for the most part was pretty good and the lack of rain has left the trails in stellar condition so any major TM has somewhat taken a backburner to riding for the time being. Regardless, with the wet spring and warmer temps of late the forests rate of growth has exploded recently and many of the trails are being encroached upon and in some cases completely overtaken by the native fauna. I’ve done a bunch of trimming but much more is needed for sure….

Anyway during the month of June , I’ve had the chance to interact with a bunch of the riders that frequent the trails, give directions and even give a few tours regardless, most riders I’ve met along the way continue to be impressed with what

the Burlington/Nassahegon network has to offer! In addition , as a fellow TA has pointed out several new trails have opened up to riders in recent weeks and the options these new trails create are just mind boggling! The full network is likely approaching 70 +miles of trail! Get out there and ride it!

Town: Burlington
Location: Nassahegan State Forest
Trail(s) Ridden: Numerous trails in all areas of the Burlington/Nassahegan trail network
How did you use the trail: Mountain Biking, Hiking, and TM
What was the time of day: Various
Hours on trail: 8+ hours TM and 12+ hours in the saddle while wearing orange
Distance: many, many miles….

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