Monday, July 19, 2010

Lost & Found Bike at Cockaponset

Date of Activity: 7-18-2010
Trail Ambassador Name: Bryan McFarland

Someone abandoned a single-speed mountain bike along the white trail "Rocky Road" at about halfway to the wooden bridge junction. It was leaning up against a tree for about 3 weeks, so I picked it up today. It was covered in spiderwebs and the chain was pretty rusty. I contacted Alex Sokolow, the land manager, and will post in the forums. Let me know if it's yours.

Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Chester
Location: Cockaponset State Forest
Trail(s) Worked: White > Mottland > Purple > Red
How did you use the trail: Riding and retrieving abandoned bike
What was the time of day: 3-5pm
Duration (Hours):2
Distance (Miles): 8 Miles
Condition of Trails(s): dry and fast
Observations: mosquitoes
Trail Maintenance hours: 0.50 hours
Work accomplished:

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