Saturday, June 5, 2010

TA Report: West Hartford Reservoir

Condition of Trail: Good
Date of Activity: 6-4-2010
Condition of Trail: Good
Trail Ambassador Name: Daren Casey

Encounters & Observations: Long day. I started in the main lot. Just as I was taking the bike off the truck, I got a phone call. Some of my fellow riders decided to come to the rez instead of Case. They wanted to meet at Canal Street so I headed over there. I had 45 minutes before they got there so I did some exploring around the construction on the fence line. The pictures are of the construction site on the fence line at the large concrete ‘well’. It almost looks like they may be putting another well in. Then I rode the fence line up and back, did some more exploring and they finally showed. The trails were in pretty good conditions. Much drier than I had expected. There were a few puddles around but nothing that would suck you in. It ended up being a 13 mile ride for me… I almost bailed at one point but stuck it out and glad I did.

When I was in the main lot a man that just finished a ride saw the TA jersey and asked me if CTNEMBA or any other groups were involved with MDC and trying to help persuade MDC not to close its gates because of the law suit. He explained that he had just finished riding with the sergon that put the lady making the claim back together. It’s crazy, the lady has admitted that she was looking down and back… hmmmm.. anyway, still looking for more information if anybody has any, or 860.841.2878

Town: West Hartford
Location: West Hartford Reservoir
Trail(s) Ridden: Outer loop with some exploration
How did you use the trail? Mountain biking
What was the time of day? evening
Hours: 2 hrs
Distance: 13 miles

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