Sunday, June 20, 2010

TA Report: Troutbrook Valley Trail Advocacy Day

Date of Activity: 6/19/10
Condition of Trails(s): Dry

Observations: Saturday at Trout Brook was trail advocacy day which included both CTNEMBA Trail Ambassadors and Aspetuck Land Trust Trail Stewarts meeting and greeting those coming to the park at 3 of the 5 entrances (Jump Hill, Elm Street and Bradley Road) and CTNEMBA was handing out to mountain bikers a park rules info sheet.

David Francefort, Rich Coffee and Trail Stewart Lisa Brodley were at the Bradley road entrance trail head with the CTNEMBA tent. Mark Lurie and trail stewart Dick Stewart were at the Jump Hill entrance and Paula Burton, Ed Perten and stewarts Curt Nasar and Jean Marie Wiesen were at the Elm Street entrance.

Lisa Brodlie(l) with Dave Francefort (middle) and Rich Coffey (right)

Ed Perten (left) and stewarts Curt Nasar (middle) and Jean Marie Wiesen (right)

Mountain Biker turn out was low for such a nice day, but for those who came we had a chance on a one on one basis discuss the park issues facing mountain biking and received some really interesting feedback from the bikers' standpoint. The Aspetuck Land Trust trail stewarts were busy making sure that all dogs walkers had their dogs were leashed in the designated areas.

The chance to have CTNEMBA and Aspetuck Land Trust trail stewarts work together on this venture proved to provide a greater understanding of issues they deal with on a daily basis and also for them a better understanding of what CTNEMBA can provide for them and to the park to enhance the experience for all trail users. The first trail maintenance project for CTNEMBA was agreed upon and needs to be now coordinated with the ALT.

There was no mountain biker activity at Jump Hill. There were however, many road bikers riding by that morning, so many that you might have thought that there was some sort of race going on. Riding around the Saugatuck Reservoir seems to be a popular activity for Saturday morning. Mark Lurie took a bunch of pictures and posted them on his blog of these weekend road warriors.

Cell phone reception at Jump Hill is not the best

Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort, Mark Lurie, Paula Burton, Ed Perten, Rich Coffee
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Weston
Location: Trout Brook Valley
Time of day?: 8AM
Duration (Hours): 5

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David Brant said...

I want to thank CT NEMBA President Mark Lurie and other members who volunteered their time on Saturday for working with us to educate and inform bikers about our rules in Trout Brook Valley. We are doing the same thing with dog walkers as we strive to create a baseline of understanding about the preserve's rules so everyone can enjoy Trout Brook. We are committed to keeping this preserve open for all to enjoy while also preserving the flora and fauna habitat in this most beautiful place we call Trout Brook Valley which the Land Trust with the help of many others saved from becoming a golf course in 199for 11.3 million.
David Brant
Executive Director
Aspetuck Land Trust