Saturday, May 29, 2010

TM Report: Upper Paugussett State Forest

Date: 5/29/2010
Location: Upper Paugussett State Forest, Upper Gussy Trail.
Work: Met up with Andre Artois and his father Richard, along with Rob Goyda for a little pre-National Trails Day work at Upper Paugussett. There was big oak tree that blew down during one the recent wind storms and was blocking the Gussy Trail. Richard cut off two sections before doing a twenty foot section.

The last section, about twenty feet in length was cut and rolled into place for skinny ride.

Then Rich made perpendicular cuts into the log so that we could chip away with hatchets to make a flat section atop the log for riding down and if you so chose some traction to ride back up. You can huck or roll the low end.

Did a little benching leading up to the ramp. Probably need to come back and do some more benching through here.

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