Saturday, May 1, 2010

TA Report: Trout Brook

Date of Activity: 5/1/2010
Condition of Trails(s): Mostly dry. Wet in the usual spots on Green and Red trails.

Observations: Mountain biking season at Trout Brook is officially open and the trails are in great shape. Picked up a bit of deadfall from all the wind last week and moved a small tree that had been uprooted off the White trail in the Crow Hill section. PLEASE BE AWARE: There is another trail that is now off limits to bikers. The Magenta trail that runs along the orchard has been permanently closed to mountain bikes and signs have been posted, though the change is not yet reflected on the trail maps.

Trail Ambassador Name: Vin Lore
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Easton
Location: Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area
Trail(s) Ridden: From Jump Hill lot, White-Red-Red/White-Orange-Yellow-White-Blue-Green-Red
How did you use the trail: Mountain Biking
What was the time of day: Afternoon
Duration (Hours): 1.5
Distance (Miles): 12


David said...

That is a shame, that was a great trail to ride...I have a feeling more trail closings are in the future there.

Mark said...

Of course if we can get back in there and do something like what's going on at Mianus then we could turn the tables at TBV.

David said...

Has anyone reached out to them regarding a TA program at that park? It could make a huge difference going forward, do we know of anyone who rides there alot and is CTNEMBA member?

Mark said...

We had someone step up to be the Regional Trails Rep for Trout Brook but that person never followed through.

Anonymous said...

Also was very disappointed that the Magenta trail is now closed. Its a beautiful trail along the orchard and is at the highest elevation of the park so it makes a great reward for a long climb and a halfway point.

Is there any way this can be undone