Sunday, May 23, 2010

TA Report - Nassahegan May 2010

Date of Activity: Month of May 2010
Condition of Trail(s): Excellent
Trail Ambassador: Jon Regan
Town: Burlington
Location: Nassahegan State Forest
Trail(s) Ridden: Numerous trails in all areas of the Burlington/Nassahegan trail network
How did you use the trail: Mountain Biking, Hiking, and TM
What was the time of day: Various
Hours on trail: 7+ hours TM and 8 hours in the saddle while wearing orange
Distance: 35+ Miles

Encounters and Observations: With only a few days left, May 2010 has so far turned out to be a great month of riding up on the trails of the Burlington/Nassahegan network. The lack of major precipitation events has for the most part kept the trails nice and dry and rolling with mid-summer like conditions. The Trail Gnomes have been out in full force and I see new improvements almost ride. Have met and interacted with a ton of folks out in the woods the last few weeks and for the most part all have been very friendly and respectful of the trails.

On a side note did compile some GPS data from my riding up in this area and believe it or not there’s some 60+ mile of trail to be explored.

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