Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monday RAW @ Huntington

There was only one member that showed up to Monday's RAW ride at Hunting this week. Vin Lore, pictured below. We rode for 6+ miles in the Big Burn, the northern single track and a south to north run on the Rock and Roll Trail. On the Rock and Roll Trail there is a very muddy section that needs to be fixed.

In the Big Burn, there is a really big branch down right in the middle of the trail but it makes a good up and over. Probably would be good to lean some rocks against it because it's pretty big. I am sure there will be go around formed in a matter of days.

In the Big Burn we hit a roller right next to the trail that I never knew was there and it's actually adjacent to a nice drop. We also took a run on the Saddle Roller, which is always fun to do. Finally, after the concluding run on Rock and Roll, Vin took a ride down a near by roller.

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