Thursday, April 8, 2010

TA Report: Bluff Point State Park and Haley Farm

Date of Activity: 4/8/10
Condition of Trail(s): Most of the trails were dry and firm. There are still some wet areas to avoid n the middle of the park, stay off the fire roads they are still a mess!

Trail Ambassador Name: Stephen Eldredge
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Groton, CT
Location: Bluff Point and Haley farm
Trail(s) all
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 3:30 to 6
Duration (Hours): 2.5
Distance (Miles): ?

Observations: It was a beautiful night for a ride, saw maybe 1/2 dozen mountain bikers and a bunch of dog walkers/hikers/joggers. There is a lot of trail damage from people biking through wet areas (as well as equestrians riding through). There were a lot of downed trees and dead fall littering the trails which is not surprising with all the rain and wind we've had. I spent some time clearing vines deadfall and trees from the trails, picked up an inner tube, a tube of tire patch glue and a reflector off the trails (apparently someone was having a bad day). There was one tree that was across the path around a blind corner about chest and head height, almost ran into it! Took some time to clear it out of the way. All in all a great ride, nice to see spring is finally here (next time I'll bring the camera)!

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