Saturday, March 13, 2010

TA Report: Wadsworth Falls, SP

Date of Activity: March 10, 2010
Trail Ambassador Names: Barry Burke, Paula Burton, Willie Feuer, Mark Lurie, Glenn Vernes
Condition of Trail(s): Good

Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmaildotcom
Town: Middletown
Location: Wadsworth Falls State Park.
Trail(s) Ridden: Purple, yellow, red, orange, unblazed
How did you use the trail? Mountain bike
What was the time of day? Afternoon
Duration (Hours): 1.5
Distance (Miles): Around 4.5

This was our pre-meeting group ride. We rode the Laurel Brook trail, the unblazed singletrack between the red and orange trails, and the singletrack up behind the houses. I decided to pull out the Cannondale just for yuk yuks, and found it to ride surprisingly well. Twenty six inch bikes perform better than us 29er zealots might want to admit, although the reduced log clearance takes some getting used to. Trails were all in good condition, although fallen leaves kept down cornering speeds. There were no mechanicals, possibly a CT NEMBA group ride first, and only one crash (Mark went down on a log, thanks to a mistimed bunny hop).

Everything went fine- notwithstanding the crash-until after the ride, when we learned that we couldn’t use our meeting venue, CFPA Headquarters, forcing us to convoy to Glenn’s living room a few miles away. Though space was cramped, the meeting was productive and the carpet suffered only one spill.Our next meeting is tentatively planned for Wednesday April 14 at CFPA headquarters with a ride before, time and location TBD.

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