Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TA Report: River Highlands State Park

Date of Activity: October 14, 2009

Trail Ambassador Names: Paula Burton, Mark Lurie, Art Roti, Al Tinti, Glenn Vernes
Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmaildotcom
Town: Cromwell
Location: River Highlands State Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Green, white, red.
How did you use the trail?: Mountain Bike
What was the time of day?: Late Afternoon
Duration (Hours): 1

Distance (Miles): 5

Condition of Trail(s): Good, but littered with blow downs.

Observations: This was our monthly pre-meeting ride. We only had an hour, but that's long enough for a decent sampling of this small but fun-to-ride place. We rode the green trail from one end of the park to the other, the white trail along the ridge top, and the red trail down and back. We visited the Devil's Blowhole at the bottom of the red trail, which is not as scary or kinky as it sounds, but is an interesting geologic feature nonetheless. In fact the scariest thing was the acorns, which would pelt your head when they fell, and then cover the ground like ball bearings, ready to take your wheels out from under you.

The trails were in good condition but getting eroded on some of the steeper slopes. Also high winds had brought down a lot of sticks and twigs. We picked up what we could.

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