Saturday, August 22, 2009

TM Report: Where's Waldo Trail

Saturday August 22
George Waldo State Park, Southbury CT
8:30am to 12:30pm

The rain wasn't too bad. In fact the sun came out a couple of times. But it was very humid and warm. The three of us ( Eric and Joe are in the picture) finished the last 1/2 mile of trail. It is raked, benched, the stone wall is breached. I was going to use the Bob trailer, but it was pouring this morning when I was packing up the tools. We got an amazing amount of work done.

The Where's Waldo Trail is very well drained, there were no muddy spots after last nights rain. As usual someone was interfering with the trail, and had removed a fair number of pin flags! I am so tired of this nonsense. When I rode the trail a couple of days ago, the pin flags were there, but someone had brushed in part of the Hunters' Trail. I am hoping to get more of the trailed blazed so that the trail isn't lost over the winter. We need riders! That will help harden the treadway and establish the trail.

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