Monday, August 31, 2009

TA Report for Nassahegon State Forest

In my last report I detailed the need for increased TM efforts following the rains of summer. I'm happy to report that much of this work has been accomplished through the efforts of several individuals. Existing trails have been regroomed and some older, little or unused trails have been brought back to life. A estimated ton or more of rock has been placed on several trails to armor streams and wet areas this month. Perhaps the inability to ride due to bad weather has had a hidden side effect by increasing TM efforts.

Also reported previously was the New Britain Water Commission's warnings to stay off their property and parking areas. One reason for this became evident as logging of the woods between Scoville and East Chippens Hill Roads has begun. About a third of the Scoville Twisties trail has been destroyed but riders,never to be denied, have already developed two routes around the logging area. Many of the trails users have already developed alternative parking areas in an effort to minimize the conflict with the Water Commission.

This report covers the month of August and includes 24 hours of TA work and 11 hours of TM work.

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