Thursday, July 30, 2009

TA Report: Nassahegon

Dates: July 18 through 29

Conditions: Several drier days mixed in with massive rains - some dumping 2 - 3 inches per hour and heavy winds. Trails are almost constantly soggy and mud holes are everywhere. The ferns and other foilage are erasing many of the lesser used trails and the winds are knocking down poorly rooted trees. Lots of TM work to be done! And yet, trail use continues.

Hours: 6 hours of Trail Maintenance and 8 hours of Ambassador work

One bit of drama occurred recently regarding the Scoville Road parking area spurned on by (a) the "no bikes" letter I posted in my previous report, and (b) proposed trail building efforts detailed on a web site. These led to several reports of cars being towed and additional warnings which were reported on several websites and created some concern. Both the DEP (oversees the actual State Forest) and the New Britain Water Commission (owns most of the land that we call the Nassahegon and, I believe, the parking area) were contacted and claimed no knowledge of these reports. The drama was cooled a bit by heavy rains the next four days which kept even the hikers away.

To the web forum user's credit, one of the first suggestions surrounding this drama was "to call NEMBA - they know how to deal with these things."

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