Friday, July 17, 2009

TA Report - Nassahegon State Forest

This report includes the time period from late June through mid-July, covers 18 hours of Ambassador work and 1 hour of Trail Maintenance:

The rains of June took their toll on many of the trails in this forest. For the most part, riding was minimalized and mud holes were traversed on foot by those who did spin. The only noticeable troubles have been created by horses whose hoof prints create mini-pot bunkers in the softened soils. On the up side, efforts by the DEP to reduce dirt bike traffic have been very successful.

The orange jersey has been put to good use mostly in guiding riders new to the area. Although GPS data is easily available for every trail (about 45+ miles of them), most folks either don't have GPS units or don't know how to use them. So, after suffering a little NEMBA promo speech from me, they get a tour-de-Nass. Re-met one newer rider yesterday (last intro-tour with him was in May and he's been riding the same loop over and over since then) and introduced more trails. Noted a significant improvement in his skills since that time. Good for him!

Unknown to many riders, what we refer to as "Nassahegon" in Burlington, encompasses both the Nassahegon State Forest and the City of New Britain Water Commission (NBWC) property. The NBWC property is private and there are No Tresspassing signs everywhere including the popular Scoville Road trails and parking area. This has never deterred riders or trail builders but yesterday I, another rider and a fisherman each received one of these:

I believe these have been distributed in the past with little effect but one can only wonder what the NBWC plans in the future. The area may need some continued help from NEMBA as time goes on.

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