Thursday, June 18, 2009

TA Report: Salmon River State Forest (Greyville)

Date of Activity:
Condition of Trail(s): South Loop muddy in spots. New bridges have been added over a couple of the wet areas, but one more is needed (possible TM opportunity). North Loop in great shape.

Trail Ambassador Name: Al Tinti
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Hebron
Location: Grayville Road
Trail(s) Ridden: Grayville section of Salmon River SF
How did you use the trail?: Trail ride
What was the time of day?: 5:30 PM
Duration (Hours): 2
Distance (Miles): 10

Observations: Lots of riders out on one of the few dry days we've had lately. Probably 15-20 cars in town park lot. People still parking illegally in cul-de-sac (4 cars where there are only 2 legal slots). I warned some of those folks that there were likely to be complaints from the
local homeowners.

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