Sunday, June 7, 2009

Riverfront Park Trail Cleanup

Turn out for our National Trails Day Trail Cleanup at Riverfront Park in Hartford on Saturday was a little sparse, however, the truck load of tools and the Backhoe from MDC was a huge plus and we couldn't have done it with out them. Al Tinti, Glenn Vernes, Melissa Dewey, and Mark Lurie were the only ones there.

The original trail network, according to the map, is pretty difficult to follow. The trails along the river are well maintained, mainly because they are used by fishermen and walkers. There is an inlet formed by a creek where on the other side is another segment of the trail system that is not shown on the map. Over here is where we concentrated our efforts.

The MDC backhoe went in and cleared out the major obstacles, huge trees that came down due to natural forces, flooding, or even some audacious beavers! Just look at the gnawing on this huge tulip tree! To do that kind of work, that has to be one, beaver!

If that doesn't look like a large tree here is a shot from the base looking up. This is the work of one busy beaver!

Once we were done we headed back to the cars and ready to ride. We all decided to keep our pants on rather than change to riding shorts due to the risk of getting exposed to Poison Ivy. There was so much of it there it was insane.

We did two laps of the figure 8 in opposite directions and was able to get in a five mile pedal. Pretty flat riding. I was riding my 29er single speed as well as Glenn. Melissa had gears.

Music is courtesy of Sleepy Hollow String Band

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