Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Ride Report: Penwood State Park

I arrived about nine as was posted and met with Art and his two friends. We started out on a uphill climb that warmed me up for some nice rolling uphill and downhill single track trails. We got about 2 miles into the run and unfortunately one of our riders had a case of derailer stickectomy it snapped his derailer in half probably should have taken a pic of this but felt the patron of this mishap might not appreciate this.

Art tried in a valiant effort to turn bike into a single speed but this did not work so the rider had to walk out of woods. We were now three and we started off again and headed to the lookout which was some gnarly hill climbing roots angling out to catch tires. We got to the top and was amazed by the view of the Simbury valley. 

Art and Myself standing at attention

We started out again and we hit some nice downhill and some more techy uphill climbs, but during all this uphill and downhill riding I went over handlebars once and caught a nice strong sapling to do a pole dance around saving me from tumbling down the hill.  I got up and started out again Art and his friend where competing along the trail I was content to just stay on my bike at my pace . It was nice workout with some challenging areas one log jump twisted my handle bars around so my brakes where facing up, very hard to ride downhill this way.  We ended up back at parking lot about 11:30 and we went on our way. 


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