Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Burner Ride Report

We had a nice turn out on a chilly Black Friday morning, thirteen people in total. They were Eric Schonenberg, Dave Wells, Dave Plain, Jo Brooks, Eric Mayhew, Paula Burton, Dave Franceforth, Catherine Iacaponi, and a couple of people I don't know their names.

Instead of fighting the throngs of Black Friday shoppers, we gathered at the (upper) Dodgingtown parking lot in Bethel, CT to ride Collis P Huntington SP. Also collected were 40 food items for the Salvation Army food bank in Newtown.

The ride was led by the two Daves, Dave Plain and Dave Wells, and encompassed some most of the choice singletrack that Huntington has to offer. There was one mechanical where my chain broke and Dave Franceforth fixed it with a quick link. Our numbers started to dwindle after two hours into the ride and further at the three hour point. Paula, Steve and I headed in to the lot, and the remaining riders returned a half hour later.

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